For healthcare, cyber attacks can have ramifications beyond financial loss and breach of privacy; a cyber attack can bring the delivery of patient care to a halt. To support the continuity of patient care during and after a cyber incident, this CHIEF Executive Forum resource provides high-level strategic suggestions and trustworthy sources for further information and available tools.

Healthcare delivery organizations can use this to guide them through three key stages of a cyber incident:







Code Grey – Where Security Practices Meet Patient Care provides strategic suggestions your organization can implement to improve cyber security resilience.

For more tools and guidance, please refer to the Canadian Centre for Cyber Security website or email them at


This resource is the first from Digital Health Canada’s CHIEF Executive Forum Cyber Security Working Group, which aims to raise the bar of cyber security in Canadian healthcare organizations and develop a national framework and enhanced guidelines that emphasize people, process, partnerships, and technology working hand in hand. Visit our website for more information about the CHIEF Executive Forum Cyber Security Working Group. Download a PDF copy of this resource at the link below.